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Look AI Ventures fund (LAIV) is the first investment fund in the Czech Republic that focuses exclusively on AI startups worldwide and provides new investors with the opportunity to seek the high returns that AI businesses promise.

Look AI Ventures fund

LAIV is built on the foundation of the AI Startup Incubator (AISI). In Q4 2022, AISI became a subsidiary of the LAIV and merged its existing portfolio, expertise, resources, scouting, and evaluation processes into the new fund structure. LAIV's investment in AI startups is made "smart" by using AISI's demonstrated capabilities and network.

Our Mission

The AI Megatrend

Rising demand and investment in AI development made the global Artificial Intelligence market one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech industry. According to PwC, the combination of increased productivity and consumption side effects of AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Our goal is to nurture the AI startup ecosystem by investing in a new portfolio of promising early-stage AI startups and following up on investment done by AI Startup Incubator.


Look AI Ventures fund is a domain-specific fund; we target opportunities across a broad set of core AI areas and AI-enabled businesses. Acknowledging the market megatrend, we aim to take advantage of the expected earnings growth rate opportunities AI offers.


Everything from our evaluation process to our partner ecosystem is built to identify and grow the most disruptive startups so that we can maximize the chances of generating superior, long-term investment returns for our Limited Partners.


We are committed to building long-term relationships with all the AI startup ecosystem players based on trust, openness, respect, and the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


We aim to invest & nurture early-stage startups that have the potential to make a huge impact on the AI ecosystem and our economy.

Investment Strategy

"[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity." — AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018

Acknowledging AI market-growth forecasts, what gives an AI-focused venture capital funds like LAIV a great chance for extraordinary returns is the ability to select and invest in the startups that will succeed.

Look AI Ventures fund is dedicated to funding companies that address major markets with fundamentally AI-driven solutions, focusing on investing in early-stage AI startups worldwide.

With our unique process and methodology for AI startup search, evaluation, investment, and support, we aim to provide our Limited Partners with an investment vehicle based on a matured and validated end-to-end AI startup investment ecosystem.

Our Story


The Beginning of our Journey

Look AI Ventures fund's subsidiary company, AI Startup Incubator (AISI), was founded in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2017 and became operational by 2018. AISI started to establish partnerships with the Investors, Scouters, and organizations to create a network connecting AI startup founders with investors and other ecosystem players.

AISI Development

In 2019, AI Startup Incubator (AISI) optimized its startup evaluation methods and business operations. The new AISI structure was led by three current partners who created an innovation-focused approach in response to the rapidly evolving AI ecosystem, bringing in a unique investment opportunity for disruptive AI startups and the AISI network.

AISI Starts to Invest

Applying the new approach and methodology since 2020, AI Startup Incubator (AISI) has opened its own investment fund, evaluated hundreds of startups, and closed its first incubation program. AISI started partnering with various event and project organizers, including Wolves Summit, one of the most significant CEE startup events.

AISI's Growing Portfolio and Network

AI Startup Incubator (AISI) has evaluated over 1000 startups by 2021 and onboarded eight projects for investment. The AISI team grew its network of partnerships and was invited to attend several events as mentors, speakers, or jury members.

Founding Look AI Ventures fund

With the growing AI Startup Incubator (AISI) portfolio and the amount of disruptive AI startups with great potential, Look AI Ventures fund was founded in Q4 2022, building on the values and mission of AISI. LAIV was founded as the 1st and only fund in the Czech Republic that focuses exclusively on AI startups worldwide, providing new investors with the opportunity to seek the high returns that AI businesses promise.

Our Team

Look AI Ventures fund's founders and board members joined forces with their subsidiary company, AI Startup Incubator, partners who manage the operational processes of LAIV. We are a goal-oriented, methodical, and passionate team working together to grow an impactful network in the rapidly evolving AI ecosystem.
Alexander Brányik

Look AI Ventures Founder & Investor

Daniel Kunz

Look AI Ventures Founder & Investor

Pavel Rosendorf

Look AI Ventures Founder & Investor

Martina Jankovská

Look AI Ventures Supervisory Board Member

Martin Havlík

Partner at AI Startup Incubator

Angelo Burgarello photo
Angelo Burgarello

Partner at AI Startup Incubator

Martin Dostál, Ph.D.

Partner at AI Startup Incubator

Our Portfolio

Trackbar is a Connected Fitness solution that supplies fitness manufacturers and gyms with unique sensors and AI software, digitizing their existing fitness equipment. The technology digitizes pin-loaded strength equipment and provides real-time feedback with a workout curve from coaches to their clients through a mobile app.

Connected Fitness
Pre-Seed: Product in the market

VISENSE is a smart error diagnosis solution that provides manufacturers with visual insights to quickly identify and resolve unplanned chronic and sporadic industrial machine errors. VISENSE uses selected cameras and sensors to capture machine error-related data. Its software utilizes machine learning to deliver error analysis and digitalizes central processes around the machines.

Industry 4.0
Pre-Seed: Product in the market

Pandatron is a change management conversational AI chatbot coach that supports 1000s of employees in the adoption of digital, agile, and cultural transformations across their organization. The scalable and personalized 1-on-1 coaching conversations allow Pandatron to collect data efficiently and help companies better understand the issues and risks of a change. Pandatron's clients include SAP, Universal Pictures, and Skanska.

Change Management
Pre-Seed: Product in the market

Miros is a deep tech company dedicated to building the next generation of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with the first visual language for e-Commerce search to drive purchase conversions and order values. Combining AI with emotion recognition, Miros helps shoppers find products they don't know how to describe or even imagine.

Seed: Product in the market

S-Case s.r.o. develops a diagnostic and portable medical device, Scase, that combines smart sensors with effective health management through a digital platform, enabling communication, visualization, and transmission of vital patient data to a healthcare provider, doctor, patient, and relatives. The company is a part of international pilot projects addressing the need for telemedicine and primary healthcare.

Healthcare, Telemedicine
Pre-Seed: Paid Pilots

MotionsCloud provides property & vehicle insurance inspection teams with IoT, AR, and AI software technologies to automate inspection processes. The solution cuts isurers' processing costs by 75%, reduces inspection duration from days to hours, and improves customer experience. MotionsCloud serves clients in the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, and Southeast Asia.

Seed: Product in the market

AssetFloow brings retailers the first and only behavioral AI software without cameras or sensors that provides data about shoppers' movement inside a store to understand customer behavior and make better operational decisions. AssetFloow is a complete end-to-end solution for retailers to drive sales growth, from customer intelligence to merchandising.

Retail Analytics
Pre-Seed: Product Piloting

Subly is a video and audio SaaS platform that provides the fastest, easiest way for anyone to edit, subtitle, transcribe, translate, and resize content. Their customers include Fremantle Media, Johnson & Johnson, Xandr, Telefonica, Social Chain, Hearst Media, Thomson Reuters, Babylon Health, Wayfair, Marks and Spencer, and Boomerang Agency.

Video Editing, Subtitling
United Kingdom
Seed: Product in the market

OpenRefactory software detects bugs in code with high precision and is the first of its kind to synthesize fixes for the detected bugs. It uses deep static analysis and advanced machine learning to deliver intelligent code repair of high accuracy and precision to assist developers and enable companies of different sizes to reach their security, reliability, and compliance goals.

Bug Detection and Fix
United States
Pre-Seed: Piloting solution
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Investment Criteria

Look AI Ventures fund is a pre-series A (Pre-seed & Seed) AI-focused venture capital fund (SICAV) from Prague, Czech Republic. We invest in fast-growing global AI technology companies with strong technical advantages and business approaches, regardless of the sector they serve. 

We want to invest in and collaborate with innovative teams of over-achievers early on to support them as they create their vision, build their teams, and flourish as a result of our deep understanding of AI technology and knowledge about its development from early stages.
You are an early-stage startup (pre-series A)
You use AI techniques that are critical for your solution
You have a strong technical unfair advantage and/or market validation
You have a "prototype" of your solution ready to be tested
You have a subject-matter competent team of founders

What Startups Get

Look AI Ventures fund provides smart money and even more major added values for you and your startup:
Financial investment to develop your business.
An option for hands-on cooperation between us that is tailored to your current needs.
Access to our team of business and AI experts together with selected mentors that can support you for a pre-agreed time frame.
Direct connection with big industry players to validate your business model, boost sales or establish connections for a future exit.
Help with fundraising in the next financing round as we partner with family offices, Angel Investor groups, and VCs.
The terms and conditions of the investment are always drawn up to fit your startup.
Apply now

Startup Investment Process

Getting in touch

You can submit your application here or email us! Once we are in touch and if there is a potential, good match, we will schedule an introductory call with you.

Documents for evaluation

After the call, we will send you a list of documents to start the business and technical evaluation.

Business and technical evaluation

Once you send over the requested documents, we will evaluate them, and if needed, we will ask additional questions.

Investment board approval

If the evaluators responsible for business and technical evaluation conclude there is a good match for an investment, we will invite you to pitch in front of the Investment Board.

Term sheet/Investment agreement

After the Investment Board meeting, we will offer you a Term Sheet and progress to signing the Investment agreement.

It is done!

We hope to welcome you on board soon!



“Working with AISI, they are always keen on going the extra mile.”

They understand the founders' views and support with knowledge and network whenever asked. It is an excellent cooperation based on mutual respect.

Stefan Schade
Co-Founder & CEO at Trackbar


“Teaming up with AISI has given us access to Eastern European connections and insights.

The team is supportive in terms of business development, team building, media as well as technical coaching. Also, when we need some advice, they always find time to assist us.

LeX Tan
CEO at MotionsCloud

Jiri Devat photo

Jiří Devát

“In AISI, I like their passion for obtaining different perspectives and transferring knowledge between industries.”

At the end of the day, I endorse their back-to-basics questions: Who is the customer? What are its needs? What is the right business model?

Jiří Devát
Mentor at AI Startup Incubator & Chief of Vertical, Manufacturing & Construction at Creative Dock

Ota Mach

Kocián Šolc Balaštík

“AISI ticks every box in an attorney's checklist for a perfect client.”

All team members in AISI perfectly understand the role of an attorney and know when commercial input is required, which makes mutual cooperation incredibly smooth and effective.

Ota Mach
Attorney at Kocián Šolc Balaštík, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.

Jaroslav Baier photo

Havel & Partners

“It is always both fun and interesting to work with AISI on structuring and negotiating venture deals.”

The team knows how to do it, they have excellent coverage of the European AI community, and last but not least, they very well understand the swiftness of technological progress and carry out their venture investments accordingly.

Jaroslav Baier
Venture and M&A lawyer, Counsel at Havel & Partners



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If you are an investor or startup founder, you can learn more and contact us via the specially designated pages.
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